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We are a Powdered Food and Beverage manufacturing company that seek for delicious and nourishing food.

As the heart of the good food lies in flavors, we delve in the depth of the flavors and communicate with food.

Amazed by the essense of the incorporation of ingredients, we deliver the treasure found in our food journey to our customers and accompany them in each second, they enjoy their food.

Fruit Flavored Powder Juice

Nature’s sweet offerings

Our Fruit Flavored Powder Juices are the most delicious way to refresh and energise. Check out for more.

Quick to Prepare

Our juices are very easy and quick to prepare so that you can enjoy our juices in every moment you want. Just empty one pack into a glass pitcher and add cold water and stir until the contents are dissolved. Voila, it is ready to serve!

Over 20 varieties

We present you over 20 different flavours of juice, so that you choose your favourite.

Boost of Immunity

Protect your immune system with our juices full of Vitamin C. Our juices provide %15 of the Recommended Daily Usage of Vitamin C.

Presenting you our most-loved Recipes

Each recipe has been cooked and tested several times by our food fanatics
so that we can share only the best recipes with you.

No matter where you are,

our priority is to always accompany
you with our Products.

5 brands and over 40 Product Ranges

With our 5 brands and over 40 Product Ranges, we deliver the
Taste of Life to everybody all around the world.