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About Us

A man’s passion to understand the language of food brought us all together.
Our delicious and nutritituous journey begins in 2002 with the foundation of Norm Gıda. Having a huge passion towards good food and a huge heart to share the good in everything to everybody, Luqman JAMAL WALI founds a food manufacturing plant to deliver the Taste of Life all around the World.

A big commence in manufacturing Fruit Flavored Powder Juices, leads our company to receive a credible success in a short time. Embracing progression in each field of our company, Luqman JAMAL WALI expands the Product Portfolio by starting the manufacturing of Bouillon, Instant Coffee, Dry Soup Mix, Custard Powder, Jelly Powder, Whipped Cream and Other Baking Ingredients under the brands of “Groot, Alafandy, Lixsz, Limasjus, Nortia”.

Along with the rapid increase in the demand of our Products, our company moves to 6000 m2 field to adapt our manufacturing facility to the new technologic manufacturing trends. Our company name changes to HSH NORM, named after the initials of Luqman’s children’s name.

After the death of the Founder, Luqman, in 2014, his wife and children take over the company with the promise of making their father’s dream come true. Remaning as deliverer of Taste of Life is the heritage of our founder.